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If Habibie Successful Artificial N250, Nobody Will There ATR 72 Artificial France

N250 civil aircraft built by former President BJ Habibie ago had become the pride of Indonesia. But this time the plane was only a memory and should not be flown.

B. J. Habibie is 3rd President of Indonesia

"N250 once was the pride of Indonesia, but because there are countries that fear Indonesia is growing rapidly in the airline industry, the aircraft must not continue the project process," said Assistant Director of Business Affairs Government PT Indonesian Aerospace (PT DI) Irzal Rinaldi found in The 12th Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition, Malaysia, Wednesday (03/27/2013).

Irzal said, N250 is now outdated technology. "N250 is not allowed to fly anymore, because the technology is outdated," he said.

Now, this propeller engine aircraft stalled. Two types of N250 version of Billy Glass Passenger 50 people and N250 Krincing Wesi passenger version 70 is just a scrap metal in aircraft parking apron or PT DI near Bandung Husein Sastranegara Airport runway.

If you want to turn on the 'Gatot Kaca' this could have been, but it takes a big effort. "But it took a great effort for the entire system should be upgraded with new systems and technology," he said.

But the dream has not foundered BJ Habibie, the son Ilham Habibie determined to realize his father's dream and Indonesia, producing civil aircraft the next N250, Ghatotkacha fly across the archipelago and the world.

Like the N250 is known for civil aviation aircraft built by IPTN (Nusantara Aircraft Industry) is now called PT Indonesian Aerospace.

However, because there is a large country that has a major N250 assess and master the aviation industry in the world, the IMF requested the project be stopped.

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