Rabu, 26 Juni 2013

Lets Fall in Love again lyric - agnezmo

Sitting in my studio writing
Texting on the telephone
Playing little games we are laughing
We are going back and forth
Say you wanna come on over
To watch me sing in the blues
I think you might just like it
Coz i won't let it slip from you
Let's fall in love again
Tonight let's live on the edge
You're looking at me
I'm looking at you
You like what you seeing
Well I do too..
So let's fall in love again.. Fall in Love
ladida dida la di da di da da da da dai
Look at how you got me blushing
Like i'm sixteen years old
In your fresh white tee
And your blue jeans
Saying that i'm beautiful
You know how to get me smiling
I think i'm gonna have to confess
The good guy got me distracted
So let me play the song for you
Think i'm ready for a little danger boy
Such a rush when we touch
You play it dangerous
Everytime i look into your eyes
Makes me want to die right over boy..

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