Rabu, 26 Juni 2013

Be Brave lyric - agnezmo

For the silence and the broken ones
For the families who have lost
You have a voice
I'll follow shadows unveil who you are
Light the candle and don't fear the
No matter how small
When you've got the call
Be brave
Shine all your light
Where is your fight
Be brave
Turn on your light
You got to fight
Be brave
Be brave
We celebrate our love for you
Cause you've given us so much of you
For every single sacrifice
You have paid the price
And where….wherever you may go
I know that you can make it so
Don't give up the fight
Don't turn off the light
Repeat chorus
We are one
We are loved
Let a stranger nod at us
An undivided us
Let's stand as one

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