Jumat, 12 April 2013

lake sentani

Lake Sentani Festival is an annual tourism festival held around Lake Sentani. The festival is held since 2007 and has become an annual festival and entered the main tourism calendar. FDS is followed by many Dutch tourists and locals alike. Sentani Lake Festival is held in mid-June each year for five consecutive days. The festival is filled with traditional dances on a boat, a typical war dance of Papua, like coronation ceremonies Ondoafi, and a variety of culinary offerings Papua.

Carnival Festival followed by the whole community of Lake Sentani in Jayapura and Jayapura. Of each community both from outside Papua and Papua alone who participated in these performances featuring traditional culture, traditional dances to the accompaniment of folk songs.

This festival is a testament to the maintenance of unity and unity among ethnic, racial, religious. Nationalism is very strong interwoven among others, given in Papua consists of hundreds of small tribes who sometimes clashed easy.

FDS three main agendas, in addition to carnival archipelago include cultural performances, art exhibitions Papua, and travel tours.

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